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Hello, you!

Let's start with the usual stuff: my name is Janne and I am a 23-year old from the region Antwerp, Belgium. I studied Audiovisual Arts Animation at Sint-Lukas LUCA School of Arts in Brussels, followed by a one-year 3D animator course. I am currently working in the animation film industry, in a stop-motion studio more specifically.

Ten years ago I discovered the fun of telling stories. My reading addiction challenged me to write my own stories, and that passion for storytelling brought me to animation. However, my creativity extends beyond animation.I like to spend my spare time on creative writing, photography, sewing and all kinds of other smaller creative projects.

My main hobby has always been and will probably always be READING. I love to get lost in unknown worlds, so fantasy is my comfort genre, although I read almost any genre (except for horror. My poor heart simply doesn't survive those scary stories haha.) I also try to read diversely, looking for books with representation of BIPOC, LGBTQ+ and disability. I am curating a list - the Diversify Your Reading List - to help you find your next diverse read. You can check out that list here.

The past year I have started focusing more and more on my writing projects and I am planning on sharing more about that progress. So I will talk about that on this blog and on my bookstagram account (@words.n.wonders), but rather limited. If you want to stay up to date, you can head over to my new writing account @janneswritings.

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