UNBOXING TIME: Christmas in the Wizarding World Box (A Bookish Flickering)

Updated: May 17, 2020

At the end of November I received my first bookish box! I got the Christmas in the Wizarding World Box from the Dutch shop A Bookish Flickering.

Due to exams and the busy holidays, I only found the time today to share this unboxing! Even though you cannot buy this box anymore, I do want to share its lovely and high quality content so you know what to expect when you want to buy products or a box from this shop in the future!

I do not have a picture of the package itself, but I can assure you that the box was packed securely!

The box contained 3 candles, 2 teas, a pin, Christmas cards and a really cute handmade item. Each item was of high quality and designed with a lot of thought! Even the spoiler card looked really pretty, glossy on the front and matte on the back..


The candles are poured in straight-sided glass jars, with a gold lid. They are hand-made with 100% soy wax, which is environmentally friendly with a clean burn. Every candle has a label with clear burning instructions and a warning on the bottom. You cannot see this label unless you pick the candle up, but your own safety has been thought of (which I really important in my opinion)!

YULE BALL: The scent of this candle should remind you of snow and champagne. To me it really smells like strawberry gum! So it is a really sweet smelling candle. The purple color is my favorite color of the three candles!

HAGRID'S CHRISTMAS TREE: This candle scent is my favorite. It should smell like Fresh Fir Trees, and it really does! I prefer fresh candle scents, so this one is perfect for me.

MOLLY'S CHRISTMAS PUDDING: This candle really smells like Christmas pudding. So it is also a sweet smell. I am not a fan of Christmas pudding, but this smell does remind me of my grandparents' house and I love how this candle brings up old memories.


The box also contained two teas. The packages each contain 50 grams, which is enough to brew around 20-25 cups. The tea is safely and ecologically packed in paper bags.

Both teas smell delicious, but quite overwhelming. However, the taste is less overwhelming, especially if you don't let the tea brew for too long. I was pleasantly surprised by both tastes!

WIZARD CRACKERS: It's a herbal tea that contains hibiscus, apple, moringa, orange, cinnamon, roseship, rose buds, lemongrass, elderberry and almond.

I was surprised that this tea really smells like crackers! The taste also reminds you of crackers, but it is more fruity and spicy than you would expect after smelling it.

WIZARDING WONDERLAND: It's a black tea that contains orange peel, clove, anise and cinnamon. This one is my favorite of these two teas, even though I thought I would have preferred Wizard Crackers when reading the ingredients. It is hard to subscribe the taste, so I can only say that I am glad that I got to taste these surprisingly delicious flavors, which I probably would not have picked out myself.


NIFFLER PIN made by Swish & Flick. This is definitely the cutest pin I own now!

It has two pins at the back, which keeps your pin from twisting when wearing it.

The pin is perfectly finished, it has no imperfection whatsoever.

MINI MOLLY WEASLEY SWEATER: I tought nothing could beat the cuteness of the Niffler pin, but then I found this little sweater! It fits in the palm of my hand.

It is hand-made by Manon, the woman behind A Bookish Flickering, and personalized with the first letter of my name!

CHRISTMAS HOUSE CARDS: These beautiful cards are designed by Oktoberdots.

The cards are 14,8 cm high and 10,5 cm wide. Both the paper and print are of a great quality.

I have gifted the Hufflepuff design to my best friend. The other ones I am still cherishing on the wall in my bedroom. I don't know if I will gift the other ones, but I am definitely going to keep the Gryffindor (my house) design as a bookmark.


That's all for the bookish items! But there were two other fun surprises. On the back of the spoiler card there is a photo challenge. You can participate and win great prizes!

The second fun addition is the Spotify playlist with music that matches the theme of the box (in this case the playlist contained mostly Christmas music).


All products are of high quality and so lovely designed, I am definitely going to order from A Bookish Flickering in the future! As a matter of fact, I am currently awaiting my next order!



website: www.abookishflickering.com

instagram: @abookishflickering

mail: abookishflickering@gmail.com


website: www.swishandflickco.com

instagram: @swishandflickco


website: www.oktoberdots.nl

instagram: @oktoberdots

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