UNBOXING TIME: Mandrake Of The Month Club

Updated: May 17, 2020

I was so excited when I got chosen as a rep for the Mandrake Of The Month Club back in december! This would be a new project from Paris, the shop owner of @inkandwonder.designs (instagram). I already owned some woodmarks of this shop, so even though I had no idea what to expect of this bookish box, I had the feeling that I would be a big fan of this box! And I was right.

(You can click on the photos to see them on full screen.)

I mean, look at the box itself. It is so adorable. Every month I look forward to finding this beautiful, pink, little box in my mail box.

As the name of the box suggests, every month you get a collection of mandrake goodies in a different theme. Three months have passed since this project was released, so we have had three boxes so far:

- January: Coven Mandrake

- February: Prickly Mandrake

- March: Merdrake

This little box contains more than you would think! Let's take a look:


I only recently fell in love with enamel pins in general, but now I can't have enough of them! And these mandrake designs in particular are so pretty. The pins even glow in the dark! Isn't that amazing? Each mandrake has two pins at the back so they don't twist while wearing them on your clothes. And these pins have no imperfections at all.

The pins come in an adorable protection bag. I don't keep my pins in this bag (I pin them on a board in my bedroom), so I put my ear phones in the February bag (the orange one) to keep them untangled in my purse. I gave the January bag to my sister because she was a little jealous...


The second item in this box is a woodmark, designed around the same mandrake as the pin. The print is of great quality. At the back of the woodmark you find the beautiful (and cute) logo. Swipe through the pictures below to take a look up-close.


Next we have sticker sheet. All the stickers are so adorable! I rarely use stickers, but when I received my January box, I really wanted to do something with them. So I used them for my February weekly spreads in my bullet journal! Take a look:


Next to the sticker sheet, you get an extra sticker! It's printed on clear vinyl. This means that the border becomes transparent once it is removed from its backing paper. 


Lastly, this box contains a hint card for next month's theme!

Make sure to check out the website and instagram page of Mandrake Of The Month Club to stay up to date with new boxes. Every month they open a pop-up shop to sell some left items from the previous box and some extra items that weren't even in the box!

May Mandrake orders are open 7 April.

I am skipping the April box so you won't see an unboxing of the next one, but I will definitely subscribe again later this year!



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