UNBOXING TIME: Most Ardently Box (A Bookish Flickering)

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

A couple of days ago my Most Ardently Box from the Dutch shop A Bookish Flickering (instagram | webshop) arrived!

I am so in love with every item in this box, so I wanted to share an unboxing with you here on my blog. Prepare yourself for some Regency Era goodies!

Every A Bookish Flickering Box contains three candles, two teas and some extra items.

Let's start with the candles.

First of all, look at these labels. They are all so pretty! The pastel colors are beautiful as well. They are very subtle, so unfortunately it's hard to see on the photos.


scent: Apple, Sugar, Violet, Peach and Musk

This candle smells the sweetest of them all. It has a really fruity smell that reminds me of summer evenings.


scent: Herbs, Citrus and Tobacco

This candle smells the most fresh, so this bright blue label really fits the scent. The citrus dominates the other scents, but I don't mind. I prefer fresh scented candles and really like this one.


scent: Freshly Cut Elderflower

This candle really smells like freshly cut flowers and brings your garden right into your home.

All these candles make me long for the sunny spring days and long summer evenings.


flavour: Black Tea and Caramel

This tea really smells and tastes like caramel. I actually don't like caramel, but my mom is a big caramel fan and she loves this tea!


flavour: Green Tea, Black Tea, Sunflower Leaves and Rose Leaves.

This tea smells very flowery, but also reminds me of peach candy, one of the few candies I actually like! However, it doesn't taste as sweet as it smells. I am glad it doesn't because I prefer more flowery teas over sweet ones!

This gorgeous mug - with the famous quote from Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen - is made by Miss Bohemia (instagram | webshop). It's perfect to drink my new tea!

This Regency spoon makes the box complete. Look at those stunning details. I never thought I would swoon over a spoon!

Can you tell I am in love with this box?

Make sure to check out the A Bookish Flickering website and instagram! But I warn you: it's hard to resist the urge to empty your wallet and buy everything in this shop!



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